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Design and decorate weddings with your own ideas and style. You can have expensive gorgeous linens with gold sparkles and designer florals. You can also keep it simple boho-chic with wood tables and candles with seasonal flowers. It is all up to you. Take a look in our wedding planning oriented website that has more package details than this simple landing page for the venue. We have the venue and the wedding planning service available. Email: James@martocaweddings.com for more info.

Bienvenidos: La MarToca (La Maar-Toe-Kah) means where the sea touches. Family owned and operated to the last detail: Truly one of a kind venue in Bucerias, Nayarit. A Beach garden means that you get to soak in the beauty and easy access to the beach and sand yet; You will not suffer from the sand in shoes and phones monster. You have the comfort and beauty of green grass to walk on. Trees to surround you. A stunning view of the ocean and a simple walk down the staircase to the beach if you choose to actually touch the water. 


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Our brides are not restricted to certain inventory. You are welcome to use any style furniture or decor you like. Truly customized weddings are hosted by Martoca Beach Garden.

You may have tables for 6 or 8 or up to 14 guests. Or set one long banquet table for all guests connected facing dance floor

We are an indie wedding venue located in a secluded nook between Punta Mita and Nuevo Vallarta. Our home. Literally: We live next door. Think of us as your cousins who live on an awesome beach town and want to show you the best time of your lives. We are casual and relaxed in how we speak to you and work with you. Yet super uptight on executing your wedding plan, decor and, very demanding of our vendor team on your behalf.

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LED hanging lights are always a top request

We love to create custom weddings with authentic Mexican cultural flare and romantic vibes. We highlight local street food stands as features. We promote local cuisine and decor on table settings and ceremony styles. We use Driftwood. Bougainvillea. Palms leaf decor. Shell curtains. Brick and blown glass. Talavera. Handicrafts. Amazing lighting. All set on a natural mature garden on the beach. Rich culture comes alive in our food presentations and decor and rustic looks, yet, all presented in classy modern or “boho” chic style in our top class comfortable facilities.

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This photo was taken in high season. This is about as busy as our beach gets! Do you like privacy without paying 100,000USD? Then we are for you.

Martoca Weddings’ signature: To Showcase Mexico Culture on Private Beach Garden Setting.

We do not have accommodations. So you and guests are free to book anywhere you like. We literally have condos and small hotels to choose from next door; Or you can book All-Inclusive resorts or villas all around within 20 minute drive. Sayulita, Punta Mita and Puerto Vallarta are all within 30 minutes or less drive for guests. We book transportation.

Enjoy creating a street food fair extravaganza “Kermes” style wedding. A classic elegant chic boho beach wedding. Or, a throw a simple pachanga (simple yet classy wedding with only the essentials).
Please contact me, and we will happily explain the differences of these wedding concepts james@martocaweddings-Martoca James.


Think outside the box. If you are an Indie-boho-bride with a taste for class but originality; then you do not want an “All-inlcusive” hotel wedding. You want an indie venue: Give us a try!

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Long Banquet tables are fun. Everyone feels connected. Make sure all are facing the ocean which in Martoca is easy to do!

We are your best wedding venue choice in Bucerias for your big epic private fiesta! Location and our planning experience are top notch. Great reviews on Facebook and Wedding Wire will attest to our success.

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Tall center pieces or low level table settings are all part of your available designs.


We are all about personal attention. We only offer 2 wedding dates per week in Martoca. So book early to get a good Friday or Saturday date please.

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Our guests stay in the hotels near the venue. Four seasons, St Regis or other more affordable all-inclusive hotels you can find in Nuevo Vallarta which is also just 20 minute drive. That is what is so fun, your guests are not tied to a certain hotel choice.
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Have your ceremony decorated with local flowers and flora. On the beach itself or on grass, your ceremony will have the best view.

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Email: james@martocaweddings.com with guest count, budget range and possible dates please or you may rent the venue and create your own wedding as well. 

Tequila Shots to Celebrate Martoca Weddings

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Celebrate without unwelcome tourists photobombs!

Let our in-house planning team guide you throughout the process of planning and selecting vendors and designs. So you can simply enjoy the journey and be as happy as you ever imagined. Our venue can host your own planner and your own vendors or we can do it all for you ourselves with our experience team.

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Fireworks inside and out

While we specialize in Martoca, our own venue, we do have access to other locations. Learn more here about puerto vallarta wedding planning and design.

La “Martoca” is pronounced La-Maar-Toe-Kah: It means “The sea touches”. Our original 1979 bungalow doors were within a wave’s reach so my mother named us so. We are to this day, 100% family owned and cared for business. We believe in a win-win and win business. You win, we win and our local merchants win.

mexico wedding venue designer flowers tables decorations buceriasWe are a family with a long history of service. We began with selling eggs and chickens door to door in Mexico City and teaching ESL in primary school, and now we all live on the beach in the best place in the world (in our opinion), where we host amazing weddings for our awesome guests. Go figure!

String lights and spotlighting make a huge difference on trees if you like that look. Martoca’s main virtue is that it is a canvas that is blank: As a bride you are the artist.

Stick around and explore our improbable story in more detail, and learn how you can be enchanted by Bucerias, Mexico and enjoy our Martoca Beach Garden as much as we have. We will share our story and our backyard with you, along with any knowledge we have about vacationing or wedding planning in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. So please visit our blog as well for much more detailed information about how to create and host a wedding in Mexico’s amazing Martoca Beach Garden. Gracias y Bienvenidos – Martoca family

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This wedding pictures was hosted for a couple, who are now a friend of ours, from Napa Valley and their guests from all over the world; They all loved our Martoca Beach Garden



Punta Mita Brides Love Martoca Beach Garden Wedding Venue’s Location

Amigos, congratulations, you have decided on a Mexico wedding ! You narrowed down your wedding search to the secluded Punta Mita area. Your family and friends will stay in hotels, villas or condos in the Banderas Bay. Perhaps in Sayulita or San Pancho or Bucerias. All these are amazing beach towns that offer unique styles …



intimate weddings private venue bakeries mexico Martoca Martoca Beach Garden is a wedding venue located in the heart of Banderas Bay. A 30 minute drive to down town Puerto Vallarta and a 30 minute drive to Sayulita. You could not find a better location for your wedding venue even if you had Google Maps; But here is the map in case you want to check amigos! 🙂  

map for wedding venue Martoca in Bucerias Nayarit
A perfect map for your wedding guests. This shows how easy the access is to Martoca from any major hotel or villa in the Bay area. Every major location is 30 minutes or less, away!

Email Us: james@martocaweddings.com with a guest count, possible dates and a budget range so we can help you with your questions amigos; Or text or call our USA phone 1(956)358-8701. Gracias!