Wedding Venue For Custom Private Weddings in Bucerias Mexico

Wedding decorations in Martoca Beach Garden in Bucerias
Table decorations are important and tend to blend well if you choose a natural boho look

Congratulations amigos! You are on your way to wedding planning in Mexico. We assume you already have your budget range decided, location options, dates and guest count in mind: this is the pre-checklist. Having had this, it is now time to move on to phase two for which you will need a second list of or ideas, for what to search for in order to achieve your dream wedding in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta Wedding Venue close to Bucerias

Popular Wedding Services that our couples enjoy in their weddings are varied. They depend on their budget and guest count and style. Even the date plays a role; For example you would not have a tent necessarily in March however in June you are more likely to have to have a tent. Like this example there are many others as to what services you may need or want in your wedding. Here is a list of the most requested services and items or vendors you can request for your original custom wedding in Martoca Beach Garden. Remember since we are not a hotel; So, we do not have so many restrictions and we do not have a large staff so we subcontract many services from local vendors. Therefore you are much more free to choose vendors of your liking.

Commonly Requested Services

Below is a list of the most (not all) requested services for Mexico weddings when you have a private wedding venue location.

Dance floor pool area in martoca weddings venue bucerias mexico
Dancefloor over infinity pool
Photo Booth Martoca style Bucerias Mexico
Photo Booth Martoca style

Wedding planner
Make-up and/or Hair Stylist
Bridal party florals
Welcome pergola (hostess area and table assignment)
Welcome drinks and snack
Cocktail lounge with his and her drinks
Passed Apps in Lounge
Open Bar unlimited
Entertainment Music and Shows ( Mariachi or live band for the dancing or other shows like fire dancers)
Decorations of all kinds (ceremony

martoca brides have amazing boquets and florals
Get your flower designs with our in-house design team

Ceremony (on beach or grass)
Cocktail Lounge (sofas on garden)
Catering and bar
DJ and Dance Floor, venue, lighting, flower walls, souvenirs, etc)
DJ and Dance Floor
Taco Stand
Churro Stand
Coffee Stand



wedding planning puerto vallarta
Well done amigos Edem and Andrea

When we create your wedding, we will basically select the “must have” services from this list according to your taste and budget. Some items and services are unavoidable such as venue and wedding planner and decor of some sort. As well as catering and bar services. After confirming your must have services (more on this in other posts here on this blog) you then may proceed to add to your list of services and make your wedding more fun and more decorated.

flowers centerpieces decorations mexico wedding
Your designer can decorate as much or as little as you like. We can help if needed with our own in-house designers
Lighitng structure is key for high quality weddings
High quality glass top dance floor makes a difference

Like I mention in our mexico wedding tips, it all depends on your taste and budget. The more budget you have to play with, the more services you will be able to include. If you need to cut back to adjust to a tight budget, we of course would not recommend having a string quartet for example. Dj will do just fine. However, if you love Jazz and have the budget, then you probably will request a jazz band and a lot of fun vintage props. Does this make sense?

If you simply had the above services then you would have enough for a fun wedding that anyone would love and enjoy. Of course, all brides and want at least some entertainment like Mariachi band or fire dancers for example. Many need transportation. Some want hair and make up and bouquets assistance.

Fireworks in Wedding venue Mexico
Fireworks inside and out!

I hope this helps you for planning and building your wedding. If you want our help just email me to and I would be happy to send you a proposal for the services you request. Just list the services you believe are a “must have” for your custom wedding and we will get to work on a quote for all the services and the venue. Remember to have a budget in mind and a guest count and a date in mind first.

We look forward to helping you create a magical Martoca Wedding amigos,