Punta Mita Brides Love Martoca Beach Garden Wedding Venue’s Location

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It is difficult to find a villa or hotel that can host 100 plus guests, that all guests can afford or like equally. It is even more difficult to find a large venue near key hotel areas and let guests meet you there for your big day! Your welcome.
wedding venue bucerias mexico near puerto vallarta and punta mita
Enjoy a private wedding in a secluded location yet close to important hotels and villas near Punta Mita and Vallarta.

Amigos, congratulations, you have decided on a Mexico wedding ! You narrowed down your wedding search to the secluded Punta Mita area. Your family and friends will stay in hotels, villas or condos in the Banderas Bay. Perhaps in Sayulita or San Pancho or Bucerias. All these are amazing beach towns that offer unique styles and features. The first major task is completed. Now we need to find a venue for you to host all your guests.

Somewhere near these points, you will find your ideal venue location. Smaller weddings can house all guests in the same hotel or villa and have the wedding on location. Yet, for those who seek a larger venue for over 70 guests (up to 280 guests) Martoca Beach Garden is the perfect Indie venue for your off-resort or non-villa wedding near Mita.

Punta Mita Puerto Vallarta Bucerias Map Driving distance Sayulita wedding venues
As you can see Martoca is very well located and easy access to all hotel and villa areas in the North Shore. 30 minutes from Sayulita and Punta Mita and just as far from Puerto Vallarta Marian area. Right in the middle for easy access.

Large destination weddings require a special venue with practical amenities and  logistics, like ample parking and turn around area for vendor trucks, toilettes for guests and staff, professional cooking equipment and other features. Couples, understandably, usually neglect to think of these factors until it is too late.

bride in sayulita getting ready for martoca wedding in bakeries
Stay in Sayulita, or Punta Mita, or Nuevo Vallarta hotels and get ready there in the room; Then come to Martoca for your final dressing portion and party!

However in this blog post we are only only going to detail why location logistics are important as seen below:

  • Central Location: Your wedding venue should be about 30 minutes away
    location is perfect for Punta meta weddings venue
    Use this map and see how well located your venue is to hotel zones and beach towns.

    from the guests accommodations (hotel or villa).

  • Near Budget Friendly Hotels: Hotels and villas in Punta Mita tend to be expensive. Yet only 30 minutes away in Bucerias (even next door to Martoca for example) there are more affordable all-inclusive  hotels for those guests who cannot afford 400 dollars per night yet are your family or friends who would love to attend your wedding.
  • Martoca Transportation: Arrangement of vans or buses are easy and comfortable for all guests and bridal party. Bus friendly parking.
  • Minutes to Hospital: Easy access to emergency room. It is great to be in a secluded area. However 5 minutes can be the difference between saving a life of a heart attack victim. In a large group with all ages and sizes involved, a little extra safety is a plus.
  • Handicap or Elderly accesible: In a large group you will have elderly or handicap guests. Also do not forget someone may have had a knee surgery or hip replacement. So, consider easy access and walking distance to buses.
Private wedding venue bakeries-puntamita-vallarta-nayarit area martocaweddings.com
Private wedding venues give you large spaces to have your wedding and not be tied to hotel regulations and prices

For this reason Punta Mita Brides love Martoca. We can accommodate up to 250 guests if needed. We pass the logistical tests of any rigorous bride or wedding planner who needs a large wedding venue in the ideal setting.

bucerias martoca beach mexico
Create your own wedding style and ceremony and reception ideas. Many brides only have the reception and after party in Martoca. So that is also an option.

Did we mention Martoca is not only perfectly located but we are also beautiful? 🙂

Email us if you want us to help you plan your Martoca Wedding: james@martocaweddings.com