Destination Wedding Ideas for Bucerias Nayarit Mexico: Martoca

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50 guests fit beautifully in this Non-Resort wedding venue in Bucerias Nayarit Mexico. Your guests can stay anywhere they like yet, all meet in Martoca for the epic fiesta!

In a private wedding venue like Martoca Beach Garden, you can create any type of wedding you like; From an elegant wedding to a simple casual shindig. We call those “pachangas” in Mexico. It is up to you what way you decide to go. Our team of expert planners and designers will find the proper decor and props and catering you desire. If we do not have it in-house, we will find it with vendors around town. If needed, we can even import the vendors or props from other cities. Some brides have even brought their own souvenirs from USA and Canada. It is up to you. It is the beauty of having a private garden wedding: You decide. We design.

natural decor table settings classy yet subtle Nayarit Mexico wedding featured Inside Weddings Magazine
As featured in Inside Weddings magazine. This natural tones and simple classy decor was Inside Weddings Magazine worthy amigos.

We suggest you decorate your destination wedding with the following “sections” in mind in order to make your wedding flow properly. Remember to

Wedding venue Bucerias-Nayarit-Mexico Private custom bodas
Lighting is very important. You must make sure guests can see their plating and find their phones etc. yet, not kill the mood. Romantic but practical. Ask us for the right amount or type of lighting.

have a continuous theme throughout the reception. Unless you want a section to look modern and the other totally rustic. That would be weird but maybe that is just me. So, the main parts of a wedding are welcome pergola, Cocktail lounge, ceremony, dinner section, dance floor and venue props and entertainment.


The main areas you must decorate and think about for your wedding are described below. Let’s see what the venue could look like with different lighting options and table arrangements:

The Welcome Pergola:

Welcome pergola sayulita-nayarit-mexico wedding area venue
Welcome your guests with some tropical flavorful waters and punch or any other type of beverage like Micheladas or tequila poppers. Your call!
Photographers Mexico Bucerias wedding planner tips Nayarit Martoca
This is an amazing idea: Let people take a polaroid and sign a note and put it in the treasure box. Eventually all the strings you see here will have 100 pictures or more on them of all the guests. Very cool idea. And also, actual paper pictures! Not digital pics that no one can actually see without a phone 🙂

This is the first look for your guests of your wedding venue. The first impression. This is the space we created to receive your guests. Usually decorated with table seating charts or some props or photo booth. It sets the tone for the ceremony and reception. You can decorate it as much or as little as you like. Here are some samples of recent welcome pergolas we created. Sometimes we can offer drinks or snacks in the pergola. Even a welcome live band.

wedding catering Vallarta-Nayarit Mexico
I love this idea of street “botanas” the idea is to welcome guests with some junk food street style! Get them all spiced up with chile and lemon and then we cool the palate down with some blended margaritas in the welcome cocktail lounge!

The cocktail lounge

A lounge area or what I like to call the “Cantina del Amor” is the beach bar all the guys dream of having on the beach when we retire! We offer specialty his and her drinks, or tapas and other fun items and props. Also, a live Mariachi band as well may be hired to entertain guests for example. It is a place to chill. Comfortable sofas to enjoy for guests while they wait for the couple to come to the ceremony and after the ceremony, while they take their sunset pictures. It can be something simple or a classy lounge area.




bucerias weddings venue nayarit
You may have your sofas for your lounge in a colorful chic style or cocktail tables or a mix of the two. Get creative!




The ceremony.

ceremony ideas bucerias mexico wedding venue martoca in vallarta-sayulita area
Ceremony on grass or beach. You decide and we will design 🙂 You can have artificial flowers like these. Yes they are artificial! Or have natural ones or a mix. Circle arch or square or none. Everything is on the table.

So important. It can be on grass or sand. It is up to you; As most things are in a private venue. In Martoca we like to have the ceremony on the grass so the hassle of the sand is not an issue. It works well because we are so close to the sand anyway. You get the best of both worlds.

weddings beachweddings mexico bucerias nayarit
Have many amigos at your ceremony! 🙂

Dinner Section

The table settings are amazingly varied. You can do boho chic, modern, elegant, rustic, simple, themed and so on. You have tall center pieces, medium, mixed or simple. You have cross back chairs, Tiffany, plastic or wood or even metal. It just depends on you.



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Here are some samples of the dinner tables. With the ceremony in back ground down on the beach. Make sure all your sections of the wedding blend together in a unified theme. This makes it all come together as one perfect masterpiece.


Dance Floor Area:

Very important as well. You can have a wood floor, a lighted floor with LED either crystal or acrylic and of course covered with a plastic cover with a color of your choice or even some lettering with a message and initials. Take a look:

wedding venues mexico bucerias nayarit puerto vallarta
Acrylic dance floor with LED lights on floor are fun and give a club feel. You can also have crystal top for a bit more money. Or wood top or even vinyl covered with initials or fun images on the dance floor.



It is important to have the dance floor that goes with your table decor or the theme of the party. For example you would not have an acrylic dance floor with an elegant set up. Either wood top or vinyl or crystal top would be the right option in this case,

sayulita punta mita bucearais wedding venue large weddings welcome wedding planners


What to have for your amazing dinner? I cover this in our other posts extensively. But to say the least, catering is the heart of the weddings in Martoca because we focus on local food and entertainment dishes and action stations. We believe your menu should be a feature and not a burden.

wedding bucerias martoca mexico destination wedding
Have a plan for food that goes well with outdoor weddings. Serve food that is well received warm or luke warm. Or cold. Or covered. Outside in front of the breeze you would be surprised how cold food can get.

You can have tacos or super elegant gourmet courses. This is a crucial part of your wedding. Again, it should be consistent with the tone set for your reception from the beginning. The theme for the evening should be reflected in your catering services and presentation.

Props or entertainment and other decorations

This will make of your beach garden wedding in Vallarta-Nayarit, Mexico, an overwhelming success. Choose wisely and have fun! Here are some pictures of props and entertainment that may inspire you for your fun fiesta! Even a horse or a burro with tequila!

Have fun,

Martoca Team