La “Martoca” is pronounced La-Maar-Toe-Kah: It means “The sea touches”. Our original 1979 bungalow doors were within a wave’s reach so my mother named us so. We are to this day, 100% family owned and cared for business. We believe in a win-win and win business. You win, we win and our local merchants win.

mexico wedding venue designer flowers tables decorations buceriasWe are a family with a long history of service. We began with selling eggs and chickens door to door in Mexico City and teaching ESL in primary school, and now we all live on the beach in the best place in the world (in our opinion), where we host amazing weddings for our awesome guests. Go figure!

String lights and spotlighting make a huge difference on trees if you like that look. Martoca’s main virtue is that it is a canvas that is blank: As a bride you are the artist.

Stick around and explore our improbable story in more detail, and learn how you can be enchanted by Bucerias, Mexico and enjoy our Martoca Beach Garden as much as we have. We will share our story and our backyard with you, along with any knowledge we have about vacationing or wedding planning in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. So please visit our blog as well for much more detailed information about how to create and host a wedding in Mexico’s amazing Martoca Beach Garden. Gracias y Bienvenidos – Martoca family

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This wedding pictures was hosted for a couple, who are now a friend of ours, from Napa Valley and their guests from all over the world; They all loved our Martoca Beach Garden